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Model: 452554401
Main Features: ● LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm, smarter and more efficient cleaning routes planning ● Set sweeping and mopping off-limited areas via APP ● Voice control through Alexa, easy to interact with your robot vacuum cleaner ● Easy sweeping and mopping switch, automatically..
87 482 Ft
Nettó ár:87 482 Ft
Model: 464437801
Main features: - 20 groups of sensor: With the powerful design of 20 types of sensor, it could freely cross obstacles with 2cm thickness, easy to handle kinds of complicated house terrains. - Sensitive obstacle avoidance, wider collection range: It helps to quickly capture coordi..
72 130 Ft
Nettó ár:72 130 Ft
Model: 460729001
Make Home Clean So Easy Compared to previous models, the Roborock S5 Max has been upgraded to mop and sweep features. It is equipped with a large water tank, which can cover a larger area to improve cleaning efficiency. Super suction and adaptive route planning algorithms, to achieve a bet..
101 676 Ft
Nettó ár:101 676 Ft
Model: 446577401
Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner automatically vacuums your room, the upgraded Roborock navigation maps your house and plans the route in real-time, 20% more efficient than S5 thanks to the cutting-edge mapping, S6 identifies rooms, you can one-click clean a room and set schedules for each room..
109 489 Ft
Nettó ár:109 489 Ft
Tételek: 1 - 4 / 4 (1 oldal)
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